Barbara Efchak

My love of Pottery was inspired over twenty-five years ago at Middlebury Vermont’s Frog Hollow gallery. My admiration for the work at Frog Hollow motivated me to become a potter.

Some of my recent work is reminiscent of botanical forms. Although these forms are not intended to be flowers, I am borrowing suggestions from nature to create these pieces. The process involves throwing a vessel on the potter’s wheel and while the clay is still wet, the walls of the pots are cut and manipulated by twisting and pulling. The finished pieces are bisque fired and then glaze fired in a gas kiln.

My intent, when creating these pieces, is to keep the organic nature of the clay and the hand of the artist visible. I intentionally leave the horizontal throwing rings, as evidence of the process of creating the forms on the potter’s wheel. I also intentionally keep some of the clay unglazed. The toasty quality of the clay serves as a textural contrast to the glaze areas and then the clay remains an integral part of the finished piece.
The pallet of colors; white, gold, green and pink/red are intended to compliment these botanical forms.

In these works, my love of gardening and flowers has merged with my love of pottery. These sculptural pieces, while rooted in functional forms such as bowls, pitchers and vases transcend function.