Caren Helm

The world and everything in it can be explained using the Classic Phases of Matter: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Ancient Greek philosophy was based on this understanding. My work in clay uses all four elements. This connects me to ancient people–when I put my hands on clay, I can hear them stir. My hope is to bring this primordial energy into your home. It is what elevates our life.

Each morning, I can’t begin my work in clay. It seems to me that people spend their life waiting…waiting for something better, waiting to be happy, waiting to enjoy life. My philosophy is to find joy in everyday life…play a little, love a lot, and be lively.

I extend an open invitation to all to visit the studio and watch me work. It is fun to see a lump of soft clay transformed into something useful, beautiful and permanent. Wear your old jeans and galoshes. And BEWARE: I throw things!