David Martin

VAW 2005

A seventh generation Vermonter, David received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University. Until recently taking a job in product design, David has worked as an architectural designer, and is responsible for the design of numerous private residences, as well as the interior designs of both the Cafe Provence and the Brandon Artists Guild, in Brandon Vermont, where he now lives.

Not satisfied by design alone, David enjoys working in two very different artistic media, and with two very different aesthetic vocabularies. His clay work, which is hand built and pit fired, derives from an intimate and tactile experience with the clay. His vessels have a sensual organic quality, which David says he finds spiritually satisfying.
David’s other media, found objects – or what he calls “urban ore” panned from the municipal waste stream, takes a more intellectual and sometimes humorous approach. Many of his mixed media pieces are functional as well as artistic in nature. This stems from his desire to personally address the issues of waste in our society, as well as teach others to see “discards” as not waste at all, but a misplaced resource waiting to find a new use. This playful ability to make “something from nothing” is a constant theme in his work.