Harriet Bellerjeau


Harriet’s process of becoming an artist has evolved from a deep love of the land, of watching seasons change and gathering their art into her existence. After 25 years of practicing landscape architecture in North Carolina, she has returned to her Brandon roots, to rediscover it’s land and community and to make books.

The making of books is an interdisciplinary exercise. It is like creating small sculptures, a three dimensional construction of color, form, shape and size, of folding and sewing, painting and pressing. The result is a collection of paper, paste and string embellished with bits and pieces of fiber, beads, images, words, found objects, silk threads, etc.

Harriet creates books for art’s sake — bending the  construction beyond what we normally think of as a book. As well, she crafts more traditional books with covers, pages and bindings. But even here, her work bends the rules with soft covers, see through bindings, intricate stitching patterns and hand crafted papers. Her books can be used as journals or for collections of photos, letters or writings. Each book is individually hand crafted.  No two books are ever alike. She often includes a hand written quote from her own journals.