Jean Brennan

I am a self taught Pen & Ink Artist. I draw inspiration from the world around me. Living in the rural community of Mt. Holly I am surrounded by wildlife and nature. Pen and Ink illustration is one of my passions. I have developed my own technique and style for forty years. The illustrations are highly detailed and capture the essence of the subject matter. I use only Paris Bleedproof Paper and Black Waterproof India Ink.

Brightly colored fantasy watercolors are also a big part of my life. I use 100% recycled paper called “Yupo” paper. The watercolors are not absorbed into the paper and stay vibrant. I combine the watercolors with acrylics and add fantasy butterflies, birds or flowers. This type of artwork is very freeing and enjoyable.

My artwork is meant to bring joy and to help you see the world the way I see the world. Enjoy!