Jerome Milks

From Tree to Table… crafting artisan serving and cutting boards for discerning kitchens and spirited tables.


I start with local hardwoods that have been sustainably harvested from around the Champlain Valley. This broad and scenic area features some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, flush with its numerous mountains, streams, lakes, meadows, and expansive forests. Many of the locals feel that it is the areas fresh air, clean water, and the mountain and valley settings that give the trees such unique spirit and unabashed character. This combination of natural influences provides for some amazing lumber from which to work.


Once the trees have been logged they are trucked to a local limber yard for milling. The business has been a family run operation for better than a century. After it is sawed, sorted and kiln dried, I sort through their racks and bundles for the most interesting pieces with regards to their unique figure and grain patterns. This character wood, with its quirky nature, provides boards which have incredible natural coloring and visually textured patterns. It is more challenging to work with than its straight grained counterparts, but it helps to provide exceptional and one of a kind pieces. When designing and crafting the boards I adhere to the concepts of simplicity, function, and aesthetics and work with each piece until there is nothing left to take away. The results are boards with calm and peaceful presences, yet boards which will provide years of service with minimal care. Each board is finally finished with hand rubbed coatings of mineral oil and bee’s wax which provides for a food safe surface and one which is silky smooth and feels good to the touch. Each finished piece is intended to be elegant, functional, and appealing.


I am also a landscape/ nature photographer and have photo prints and cards on display in the Gallery as well. When taking photos I am particularly attracted to extraordinary lighting conditions and unique situations that help to produce memorable images. I hope that my photos will help to remind folks of the incredible natural beauty that lies on the other side of our windows.