Kathryn Milillo

Reflections. I love the play of light, the act of brushing on color, and the discrimination between warm and cool colors. I am constantly amazed at color’s ability to dazzle, and I’ve tried to convey the pure joy eyesight brings to my life.

My goal is to visually express my love of language and nuances of meaning. Words like grace, refuge and abandonment are veins of gold to be mined. For me, each painting experience has an iconic relationship. A barn becomes a church, a landscape a living body, two chairs a conversation. I enjoy anthropomorphizing objects to express a kernel of truth. I remain fascinated by our vanishing farmscape and the crumbling barns that challenge our current values. I especially love windows and doorways,and my buildings usually have a way in and a way out; the conceptual spaces inside, and outside, have emotional power for me.

I hope my paintings present a moment in time in a way that feels timeless.