Klara Calitri

Klara Calitri was born in Vienna, Austria where she attended Real Gymnasium. She came to the United States in 1939.

Post High School Education included :
Trinity College, Burlington, VT
University of Vermont – Bachelor of Arts
Cornell University – Master of Arts in Comparative Literature
Columbia University – Doctoral Studies

Klara taught German at both Columbia University and the College of the City of New York. Subsequently, she spent many years teaching German, French and Spanish and history in Junior High school in Putnam Valley, N.Y.. At the same time she pursued her work as a professional artist.

Her work in ceramics, pastels, monotypes and oils has been shaped by a variety of influences, including her childhood surroundings in Vienna, Austria, the work of the Wiener Werkstatte and Impressionism. Her present works reflect the light and mood of the beautiful Vermont landscapes, orchards and gardens filtered through her unique cultural background. Her knowledge of art in other lands is brought forth in the variety of her murals and other ceramic creations.

Her paintings are first executed in other media and then adapted to ceramic design. She was attracted to the ceramic medium because of its light reflectiveness, historic tradition and scuptural and earthy properties, as well as its rugged permanence.

Klara Calitri’s tiles and murals have been installed in many architectural contexts, including entryways, kitchens, fireplace surrounds and countertops. Decorative pictures have been adapted to tables, trays, serving carts, etc.. Glazed and fired to 2,000 degrees F., they are light, heat and acid proof. She has also done extensive work in functional ceramics. Her platters, bowls and plates are both decorative and highly practical. Klara’s latest creations feature fountains in a nature motif – birds, shells, stones, sealife, etc. Klara‚Äôs current exhibits also feature her works in Monotypes and other media.