Liza Myers

Art has always been part of my life. My earliest memories are of building sculpture and pottery out of rainsoaked clay from my back yard.

I paint in acrylic, watercolor, and oil. For subject matter I choose things that make me stop in mid-stride and catch my breath: moments when I must suddenly hold still and be completely present. My intention is to to convey that overwhelming sense of wonder.

Details, colors and textures of the natural world amaze me. Stark, peeled branches in a heron’s nest, or entwined twigs in a wren’s tiny home are sculpturally astonishing. The sheen of cherry bark in April is luminous.

The thread of global inter-connectedness, weaving its way through my imagery, has been a constant theme in my work since childhood. Nests are uniquely applicable to that global perspective. Whatever your language- Swahili; French; Thai; Lakota- a nest speaks of fragility; of hope for the future; of the wonder of natural things.

My sculpture also comes from ancient, cross-cultural sources… Greek goddesses from the Cycladic islands, medieval madonnas, and contemporary divas all lend their elegance and spirituality to the clay as I build.