Nancy Neyerlin-Pisano

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I have been inspired by many Vermont artists since moving to Vermont. I became familiar with several artists and their work when I sold art and sculpture at the Woodstock Folk Art Gallery. I previously lived and taught art in New Jersey but after teaching for fourteen years, I was reminded that I stopped doing art myself. I finally enrolled in Parson’s School of Design and started to do my art again! I did a series of paintings of Riverside Park in Manhattan. My favorite one resembles a Georgia O’Keeffe which is a large abstract tree in the park. Most of my paintings are a reflection of my love for the outdoors; plants, trees and nature. I did a series of sparrow bird collage paintings with real tree bark and fungus findings from the Vermont woods and I later painted sunflowers, birch trees, barns and most recently, I painted a series of black irises and oversized red maple leaf paintings. I have been taking in all the Vermont’s majestic sceneries of winter wonderlands, vast rolling summer plateaus, endless winding rivers and brilliant fall colors. I want them all to become a part of me and my art.