Norma Jean Rollet

Colors, shapes, and values are creative tools that amaze me every time I stand before a blank canvas. Nothing could better describe how I feel each time I have the privilege of starting a new piece of art. Whether I am facing the challenge of a plein air subject or just painting in my studio, nothing fires more passion in me then choreographing these three magical elements into a two dimension representational image. I can not imagine doing anything else.

I have been working in the art field all my life. I painted watercolors for a national puzzle company, illustrated in pen & ink for newspaper publications, and completed an oil painting now and then for special occasions. Currently, soft pastels are my passion with plein air paintings my preferred venue of painting. The long winter months in Vermont drive me indoors, but on location color studies, notes and photographs allow me to complete pieces more comfortably in my studio.

Creating luminosity in my work using multiple layers of pastels is the critical element I strive to capture with each composition. I look forward to many days ahead of painting the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of New England—there is much yet to capture from this region.