Richard Haver

In 1980 I decided to try my hand at building a wooden canoe. After successfully completing an 18-foot cedar strip canoe I began using the tools I had bought for the canoe making venture for furniture making. I haven’t stopped making furniture since. In the early 1990’s I discovered the wide design-capability veneer offers. Tables being the ideal canvas for the display of the beauty of veneers, I naturally found myself drawn to them.

I spent my first 18 years in Pittsburgh, PA, then went on to attend college at Columbia University, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Rochester, earning bachelors and masters degrees in philosophy, mathematics, and information science. After college I moved to Mobile, AL, Northampton, MA, and Asheville, NC, and ultimately followed a job to the Upper Valley area of Vermont and New Hampshire in 1986. In 2007 I moved to Shoreham, VT.

Furniture making is my second career. In 2001 I quit my job of 24 years to do what I’d rather do: make world-class furniture full-time.