Vale Burns

Born on a farm in Central New York and into a family of artists, Vale Burns has been exploring her connection to nature since childhood. Her work is a personal biological study of the natural world and the patterns discovered within it. Each piece is an attempt to uncover something that is being sought, like the mapping of new territory. Through the use of thread, wax, ink, and pigment, Vale strives to find new ways to translate what she sees and represent it in a form that is both literal and ethereal.

Vale’s formal art education began at The Putney School, where she first studied fiber art, sculpture, and printmaking. After graduating in 1999, she went on to attend Antioch College and completed her BA in Visual Art and Women’s Studies at Vermont College (Brattleboro, VT). In 2014 Vale received a Masters in Library & Information Science (MLIS) from the University of South Carolina (Columbia), a befitting degree for an artist who’s work demonstrates the sensibilities of a cataloger.

Vale lives in Shelburne, VT where she continues to draw inspiration from the natural world, Victorian Era science, folk art, and women’s craft.