Warren Kimble

Warren has chosen the quintessential Vermont town of Brandon as his home for more than two decades. Our little town has a rich history, a diverse and fascinating present, and a bright future.

Warren’s steadfast, fun-loving perfectionism inspires him to make the world around him a better place. He and his wife Lorraine have restored and renovated eighteen of Brandon’s lovely homes. It is much due to his dedication to Brandon that Yankee Magazine chose the town as one of New England’s “Hidden Treasures.” Brandon was recently referred to as the “Art and Soul” of Vermont! Artists flock to the town to join in the energy. Come visit and see why!

The Art of Warren Kimble Warren’s paintings are the perfect expression of his light-hearted, endlessly creative personality. The delicate details, folk art whimsey and subtle, rich colors speak to the child and the art lover in all of us, offering a visual retreat to a time of greater simplicity. His uniquely warm way of presenting subject matter invite you into a gentler world. Animals of all sorts wander through delightful vistas; American Flags float in the landscape; chickens warm the nest; light houses stand tall above a welcoming sea. All is well in Warren’s world.