Nature Reflected…Water Line and Form

May 3, 2013
to June 30, 2013
Brandon Artists Guild Gallery
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7 Center St., Brandon, VT, United States, 05733

A dual show by two of the Artists Guild’s favorite artists.

Patty Sgrecci
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInspired by our ever changing seasons I try to capture some of their movement in my kinetic sculptures. Whether its a tree limb swaying in the wind, a bending sprout pushing up through the earth or ripples dispersing on the lake, all are inspiration for my mobiles. Each sculpture creates an opportunity to explore a wide array of materials from imported papers and fabric to wire and wood, and each piece has its own engineering challenges. My goal is to find the balance point where line and form resolve in a lyrical moving sculpture.

Lyn Dumoulin
This show is important for me. In a sense it is my “coming out” in my new home town. I want to share who I am and what I do with people here I care about. I want to share with them a heart full of color and deep love of where I live. I want to spend time with the folks who make the effort to come and see this show.  Is there something in my work that makes you stop and smile? Usually there is a wonderful story behind most of my paintings.

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Whether I am skiing, painting, canoeing, hiking, or cleaning, I paint the way I live in full technicolor and with deep reflection of the world around me. I am privileged to paddle through black waters, look out over a snow covered world from mountain tops, and feel green moss squish underfoot. Finally after some forty years of working at jobs I liked but did not love, I can paint. My reflections are a feast for me and hopefully for my friends.

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