Folk Art Exhibition

September 6, 2013
to October 30, 2013
Brandon Artists Guild Gallery
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7 Center St, Brandon, VT, United States, 05733

Stacey Stanhope, EWE ARE MY SUNSHINE

10 years ago I came to Vermont to visit my grandparents’ farm and to photograph old architecture, farms and farm animals. I then hand painted those images onto the pottery I had brought with me. When I was finished, my art had changed so dramatically that I realized I needed to have that inspiration around me all the time and moved to Vermont.
My work has always been hand thrown and salt fired.  The decoration process is done using wax resist and painting in the negative areas.  After the wax dries, I paint a black slip (liquid clay) over the whole piece; this is what gives it a wood cut look. The work is then high fired in a reduction kiln and at the end of the firing salt is added to the kiln to create a slight sheen. The process is known as salt firing.

Every year I try to focus on a new farm animal and this year it has been the sheep and recently I began experimenting with colored slips to create paintings on the pots. “Ewe Are My Sunshine” will be a show of both bodies of work with sheep and other animals to light up your life.


From the early 1800’s itinerant artists have created folk art. What we envision is an exhibit showing what folk art is all about, from painting to stenciling showing creativity on many objects including Pottery. It has been a pleasure getting my part of this show together and want to raise public awareness of this often overlooked art form.

We hope “Ewe” all  will enjoy this traditional American folk art of decorative household items. Come and enjoy…

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