Curves: Animate & Inanimate

May 2, 2014
to June 30, 2014
Brandon Artists Guild
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7 Center St, Brandon, VT, United States, 05733

Jean Cannon’s watercolors and Lowell Klock’s photography

Lush color, tangles of branches, roots, and grass are the mainstay of Burlington artist, Jean Cannon’s style. In this show birds and figures are added to the thicket.  Roots of Mangrove trees, a figure lying in the grass, a bramble with sparrows, and a figure among palm trees are some subjects included in this group of recent paintings.  A few of the figures are set in interiors, with rich folds of cloth that echo the lilting branches.

Lowell Klock focuses on the graceful and varied curve of the ARCH and its diverse uses and styles.  This form has been indispensable architecturally since early Roman times, allowing larger and grander structures to be built.  Lowell captures the play of color, light, and shadow on these arched objects in their original settings.

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