Meet our new artists.

This November, we’re pleased to present three new artists to the Guild.

Gabrielle Bourassa uses her camera to take a deep dive into the natural world. “I love capturing the smallest details in nature and sharing the beauty of the macro world. These are the things we miss when we don’t take time to look closely at the world around us.”

Photographer Judy Knope endeavors “to see what others miss.” Beginning with a photograph of an everyday object or view, she then manipulates color, texture and mood to produce an image that expresses her unique vision.

Woodworker  Jeff Wachelka designs functional forms of classic or historic objects, often featuring classic hand cut joinery.  “For thousands of years, wood has been an essential part of the human journey.”

Drop by the Guild Gallery Tues-Sat 10am-5pm or Sunday 10am-4pm to see selection of new work from these exciting new artists.

Shown L to R: Gabrielle Bourassa, Sunflower Bees; Judy Knope, Roosting Crows; Jeff Wachelka, Rocking Horse.