Presenting the 2021 Student Art Show – online!

We’re delighted to present an exciting 2021 Student Art Show – in the gallery and online! This annual exhibit provides a rare chance to see talented student work in a wide variety of styles and media from Otter Valley UHS and Middle School, Barstow Memorial, Neshobe Elementary, and Lothrop, Sudbury, and Leicester Elementary Schools.

Over the past year “Students were able to use art to take a break and focus on the act of creation,” says Otter Valley art teacher Frannie Willard. “They found ways to express their disappointment, came to realize that they were not alone even though we were all in isolation, and discovered beauty in unexpected places.”

With the help of our ever-resourceful art teachers, students and Guild members we’ve pulled together a gallery show that presents both physical artwork and a video slideshow of socially-distanced work that  can be viewed online, too!

“It has been a strange year, but working with students to make, talk about, and look at art has been inspiring and motivating,” says Otter Valley art teacher and BAG ceramic artist Dasha Kalisz. “The slide show and photocopies of student work in the gallery are examples of the modifications taking place in this ‘new normal.””

The full exhibit can be seen at the Brandon Artists Guild gallery from February 5-February 28, or view it online here.