Judith Reilly

The vibrant colors and textures of fiber have always sung out to me. I grew up on a dairy farm in Verbank, New York, learning to sew at my grandmother’s knee. The world outside my door was my first and most influential art teacher. After an intimate half-century relationship with needle, fabric and thread I now delight in combining the technical skills and complexity of a master quilt-maker with the soul of an artist. Rich colors and distinct lines intertwined with a light-hearted spirit and a love for storytelling are signatures to my work. My “fabric paintings” are highlighted with a variety of mixed media effects. The final step, quilting the surface through “thread painting”, brings a layered dimensional depth to my work. My pieces are representational but not literal — expressing both realistic and fantastic interpretations in a catawampus and quirky style. I consider myself a “fanciful artist”, not needing to answer to reality. I visit reality once in a while, but I have no desire to live there.